September 21, 2016

5 Myths About Your Health

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Synthetic Slave is going to dispel 5 myths about your health. These are mainstream beliefs that have been around for a while. To begin 5 myths about your health, we will tackle the biggest sham in the health industry first.

Myth number oneThe Sun Causes Skin Cancer – When something is repeated enough times, one starts believing it. This is the method behind the madness that the cancer and sunscreen industries rely on. This belief that the sun causes skin cancer is so mainstream, that even your doctor may believe it. But the fact is, getting enough sun actually prevents skin cancer. The sun is life…any living thing would die without it.

Sun Rays Do Not Cause Skin Cancer-5 Myths About Your Health

We have lived under the sun for millennia. The rate of skin cancer has grown rapidly in just the last thirty years. Critics will argue that ozone depletion is the cause of the increasing skin cancer rate. If ozone depletion were a cause of skin cancer, those living close to the equator would be burned alive. Traveling from the north or south pole to the equator, UV exposure increases to 5000%. Ozone depletion only increases UV exposure by 20%. Doesn’t add up.

Sunscreen…bathing in this chemical cocktail does two things. It keeps the suns healthy UVB rays from reaching the skin…and ensures you are rubbing cancer causing ingredients on your skin, being absorbed into the body. The sunscreen industry is making a killing, literally. Instead of dismissing this controversial subject too soon, keep an open mind and I’ll leave you with this link from Dr. Mercola’s website. http://articles.

Myth number two Cholesterol will kill you – Cholesterol is usually thought of as a poison and is to be avoided. Here are several cholesterol facts. One – The sheath nerve endings from the top of your head down to the bottom of your spine are wrapped in cholesterol. Two – Cholesterol is so vital to our bodies that without it we would die instantly. Our body ensures this won’t happen by producing it’s own. Three – There is no such thing as bad cholesterol or good cholesterol. The chemical formula for cholesterol is C27H46O…there is no bad version or good version of this formula.

Four – HDL and LDL are not types of cholesterol, let alone good or bad. They are two of five different types of lipoproteins. HDL-high density lipoprotein…LDL-low density lipoprotein. Lipoproteins help to move cholesterol throughout the body to perform its vital functions. Five – Cholesterol helps to reduce bloating by regulating the bodies salt and water content. Six – Cholesterol is crucial to proper neurological function and helps in the formation of your memories. People with low HDL (remember, this helps move cholesterol throughout the body) may have impaired memory and are at risk of dementia later in life. Seven – It is common for cholesterol levels to elevate as we age, usually due to healing damaged cells. What’s important is to look for the cause of the inflammation, like sugars, grains, vegetable oils in the diet. Remember to keep an open mind and I’ll leave you with another informative link.

FUN FACT – The egg, second to breast milk, is the most nourishing food there is. The egg white can not be properly digested without eating the egg yolk also. If so, it is processed and stored as a sugar instead of protein.

Myth number three Everyone is vitamin D deficient – This one has gone really mainstream the last several years…when something is repeated enough times. A vitamin D pill is a synthetic drug disguised as a vitamin. It attempts to mimic the suns vitamin D. What you should keep in mind is that propaganda and the subconscious mind are very powerful tools, and they are being used.

The University of Colorado has a report out called The Endocrine System. In it they warn about the use of vitamin D pills, “Ingestion of milligram quantities of vitamin D over periods of weeks and or months, is highly toxic to humans. In fact, rat baits laced with vitamin D are being used very affectively as rodenticides.” Research this and you will find information. I wish I could say, this is just some biased information I have, but sadly…it’s unbiased facts. Research. Keep an open mind, here’s another informative link.

Myth number four – An aspirin a day…One (of two) of the most toxic drugs made, aspirin depletes the body of life saving nutrients such as iron, potassium and vitamin C. Some of the symptoms suffered with such depletion include anemia, heart disease, depression, fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea, suppressed immune system. Internal bleeding is one of the biggest risks.

Like with many drugs pitched at the American public daily on the television set, are we to really believe the amazing healing qualities of the human body can not get along without popping a pill every day ? Medicine should be used for emergency, not maintenance…they are not vitamins. I am going to leave you with this youtube link, it is by an M.D. Aspirin is discussed, but the over all info here is alarming…please, give it a watch.

Bonus for number five Instead of another myth for number five, I’m going to give you two supplements that really work. (No affiliation to any products, just honest recommendations) Milk Thistle – Many of us don’t realize how important the liver is in filtering out toxins from our body. Especially in today’s world…we are bombarded with toxins, from the tap water we bath in to the receipt you’re holding from the grocery store. The air fresheners, the soaps and shampoos, the cleaning agents, the boxed and frozen foods, the meats and vegetables…all full of chemicals. Milk thistle has been used for more than two thousand years to treat acute hepatitis, jaundice and liver disease. In 1949 it’s ability to protect us from toxic exposure was discovered.

While studying milk thistle, the Mayo Clinic announced that “Multiple studies from Europe suggest the benefits of milk thistle for cirrhosis. In experiments up to five years long, milk thistle has improved liver function and decreased the number of deaths that occur from cirrhotic patients.” Milk thistle is also needed to detox from all the pharmaceuticals Americans take, daily. Supplementing with it is a huge health benefit and has been thoroughly studied (you will find sources at the bottom of this post). I realize a lot of you don’t really believe in the supplement thing, but there are some that really do their job, well. Be careful of the brand you purchase, as most are packed with adulterants and fillers. Don’t buy any supplements with soybean oil, caramel coloring and any inactive ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Bonus – A clean, filler free brand of milk thistle…Sundown Naturals Milk Thistle.

Turmeric – Mother Natures cancer killer. Cancer starts as a healthy cell in our body, that has turned rogue, dividing and replicating wildly. When this occurs, cancerous tumors develop. In a healthy body, if a cancerous cell goes rogue, it commits cell suicide and exits the body. Every cell is born with this weapon, but damages to our DNA can mess things up. Turmeric has been used as an immunity booster in the Far East for thousands of years, probably longer. In the last two decades it has received attention from major universities for it’s cancer fighting abilities. In the early 1990’s, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, found the cancer fighting effects to be “staggering (sources below).”

Further studies done by the University of Wisconsin and others, reported that turmeric blocks a type of cancer “fertilizer” known as VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). Without this growth factor, cancer cells are unable to thrive and eventually commit cell suicide. In 2001 scientists also discovered that turmeric dampens the inflammation process within the body, thereby stopping the growth of cancer in it’s tracks. Turmeric also strengthens healthy cells, unlike conventional cancer treatments. The list goes on, if interested, I’ll list these sources for this information, plus some. Check ’em out. Bonus – A clean, filler free brand of Turmeric…Jarrow Formulas Curcumin 95.

Ask any mainstream doctor about nutritional supplementation and you will most likely be told, “There’s no good research showing they work.” Not true. Look at the sources below or go to the National Institute of Medicine’s library,, and you will find citations of research for almost any herb or vitamin you can think of.

I hope this has peaked your interest in the “possibility” that some supplements really do work, that some myths need to be dispelled, that the earth really isn’t…flat.

“5 Myths About Your Health-Synthetic Slave”


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This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Always seek medical advice from a medical doctor.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is provided solely for the purpose of fostering a clearer understanding through education, allowing readers to make informed and responsible decisions. No liability will be assumed for the use of the information in this article and/or any other postings on this site.


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