August 15, 2016

Cabergoline. Sexdrive Miracle Drug?

Cabergoline SexDrive Super Drug

Libido Problems? Cabergoline Sexdrive. This new phrase has dawned a new age for me, friends. This is my firsthand experience with the new aphrodisiac. Whats the real story?

Dostinex (Cabergoline, Caber) – a dopamine agonist. It reduces the amount of prolactin that is released by the pituitary gland. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that has a wide range of functions from regulating the immune system, acting on the reproductive system and influencing behavior…to name a few.

AAS users incorporate Caber into their cycles when using Tren or Deca…as these two steroids put fear into the user by raising prolactin levels too much, possibly causing erectile disfunction…also known as Deca Dick in the bodybuilding world. The best part? The answer is what I like to call “The Cabergoline Sexdrive Symphony”

Cabergoline Sexdrive Superdrug


Now…for the fun facts (experienced by me and most others based on their descriptions) – the sexual sides. These sides are usually not documented on medical websites. I was running a Testosterone and Deca-Durabolin cycle. I wasn’t sure if I needed the Caber, but I was a little worried about any possible ED issues while “on”….which is usually blown out of proportion. For most, if estrogen is controlled with an AI (aromatase inhibitor) prolactin will stay in order. (while on cycle)

The dosage I used was .25mg twice a week.  Before I started, during research I read a study done on a 65 year old male. (details might be off a bit, read this a while back) He was given the average dose, usually .25mg twice a week, and started having a libido again. As time passed he started having sex with his wife, obviously sex had slowed way down at his age and not on HRT. (hormone replacement therapy) The next couple of weeks the libido increased…the result, talking dirty during sex. Alright then!! Cabergoline Sexdrive !!!

Over the course of the study, he had graduated to demanding anal sex (can’t remember if the study stated whether he got it or not)…but “my goodness” I thought.

So the first 2 weeks or so, I didn’t notice much after starting my Caber protocol, other than the Testosterone related sexual sides. (no comparison to Caber sexual sides…really) But after that, the next 8-10 weeks were…interesting. My libido gradually increased, passing the point of Testosterone related libido…clearly. At about 4-8 weeks, increasingly, I noticed the constant thought of sex.

The sex increased with my partner to every day, twice a day on weekends. After a few wild weekends with a few drinks and some wilder than normal sex, I couldn’t get enough. By 8-10 weeks, I could not stop thinking about sex…very naughty, sex. Some synergy for a cabergoline sexdrive? I think so!

It almost became a pain in the ass to get my fill. The constant insane libido was wearing my partner out. Sometime late in the cycle, I was driving down the road and saw an attractive female walking. I had the strongest urge to pull over and…well I didn’t… but my word!! I would never do anything like this as I’m very attracted to my partner and I’m loyal to who I’m with, but the increasing grip on my libido was insane.

It was then I realized that this was almost getting out of hand. Finally the cycle was nearing it’s end and I came off the Caber. I’ve read that many abuse Cabergoline just for the sexual sides…understandable, but not advisable, as there can be some negative sides with higher doses or prolonged use. Some include fatigue, headache, nausea, abnormal vision and the worst being heart valve damage…but this has only been reported at very high doses for prolonged periods…3mg per day plus.

The only negative side I had was very mild nausea for a few minutes on occasion at the beginning of the protocol. Taking your dose before bed will minimize this, along with other mild side effects. I did however, as most do, get all the good sexual sides. A few more being…shorter time between orgasms to recover for another session, more intense orgasms, stronger erections.

As Caber usually comes in .50mg, a starting dose to see how one reacts would be .25mg twice per week. Notice the DOT before the 25…not 25mg…it’s .25mg. This really should be plenty for a 8-12 week cycle…if need be, after 4 weeks,  it can be bumped up to three doses of .25mg per week, for a total of .75mg per week. If still experiencing negative sides from a Tren or Deca cycle while using .75 to 1mg per week, it may be some bad/bunk Caber. Never order liquid Cabergoline either, always pill form.

As always, feel free to ask questions. This is only my experience with Cabergoline;Sexdrive super drug, what’s yours?

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