September 21, 2016

Estrogen is The Female Hormone Men Need

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Estrogen is The Female Hormone Men Need

For bodybuilders, the most difficult hormone to dial in, is estrogen. For you guys on TRT, the same can hold true. For the masses that drink beer, watch TV and DON’T exercise, …you better read up. Estrogen, the female hormone men need, but only in balance.

Both men and women have specific amounts of testosterone and estrogen in their bodies. For young men, the testosterone to estrogen ratio is about 50:1 … the older you get, this starts dropping to around 20:1 … 10:1.

Small amounts of estrogen are needed in the male body for a properly functioning hormone system.

In today’s world though, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system. The endocrine system are all the glands that control your metabolism, sexual function, sleep, mood, reproduction system…to name a few.

The third factor working against most men’s estrogen level is…BODY FAT. If you have a “beer belly”, “spare tire”  or just can’t see your jewels anymore…you have low testosterone and high estrogen levels. Go get a hormone panel done and prove me right.

Even a young man that is obese has lost the benefit of youthful testosterone levels. Body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, that converts testosterone to estrogen…the more body fat you have, the more aromatase you have that is turning your limited testosterone into estrogen.

The high estrogen is triggering you to produce even less testosterone, and the less testosterone you make, the more belly fat accumulates, and…do you see the circle closing in ?

You armchair athletes that are 40 plus and rail thin ectomorphs aren’t out of danger either. Your’e estrodiol levels might not be screaming but are most likely just out of range. Your testosterone levels are suffering if you experience muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass), decreased sex drive, ED, lethargy and many other symptoms…a prime candidate for TRT.

The over weight crowd needs to drop the weight before you get on TRT. If you have a little extra body fat, no big deal…but if you are seriously over weight, you are compounding your problems starting a synthetic testosterone program.

Hormonal balance is the key to good health. This is not mainstream knowledge because it is not profitable. Obviously, mainstream knowledge isn’t working, take a look around you at the state of health and conditioning most people are in.

I won’t even begin to list the very negative health issues with high estrogen levels, but this is a legitimate source here that should be read.

Get your blood sugar in order, your hormones balanced…and you will live diseased free, feeling good…looking good.

Estrogen is the female hormone men need…this post is general knowledge on the subject, there are many variables to this. As with all our posts, we hope to steer you in the right direction and engage you to research further. As always, if you have any questions…send us an email or comment below and we will help you find an answer.

“Estrogen is The Female Hormone Men Need” – Synthetic Slave

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