August 21, 2016


Stand up or sit down. You want respect, attention and a little hate ? In as little as an 8-10 week steroid cycle, you will transform your body into the best that it can be.


steroid cycle

You are going to notice that when you walk in…they smile and nod, when you stand still…they want to stand next to you, they want to do what you do…look like you look, and their girl is going to be checking you out.

You might also notice the insecurity of some…the haters. They might make comments with a negative tone, seem jealous ooze jealousy, or even sneer. In some cases those haters may try and bring unwanted attention to you…and make remarks as to why they would “never do steroids”.

I am going to lay this out for you…cold and hard. The safest way to play and the reality of keeping what you worked for. Keep reading if you’re looking to start you’re first cycle or get the most out of you’re steroid cycle. I am not advising anyone to use AAS, as they are illegal in some countries without a doctors prescription…but, if you are hell-bent on using them, here’s a few tips on the reality of AAS and staying safe.

Step One:

It’s crucial to get your blood work done before you start your cycle…the older you are, the better of an idea blood testing is. You want to know what your Testosterone levels are naturally and what your E2 is (Estradiol). This way you have a baseline of your levels to compare to after your steroid cycle is over.

You do not have to see a doctor, or even have a prescription (depending on what state you live in). Click this link, then enter the gender when prompted to do so. A majority of our testosterone-chasing community uses the female panel when money is a concern, it’s cheaper (make sure to check the Male reading box). Private MD Labs also offers a wide variety of testing, be sure to check out their page when you get further down the rabbit hole.

The Female Panel (for males) gives your Total Test Level, Estradiol (E2), FSH, CBC complete blood count, LH, and your Comprehensive Metabolic Profile. …. about 3-4 days for results.

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If you have any questions about test results feel free to shoot us an email, or post a comment below!

Step Two:

For a basic testosterone only cycle, you WILL need an AI, especially if doses exceed 300-500mg per week. (aromatase inhibitor) Personally I like Aromasin…this will keep E2 (Estradiol) in check. The amount of tablets you would need is cycle-dependent (for a 12 week cycle go with 30 tablets). Now, you start getting into more advanced stacking cycles with other compounds…some research is in order…do it. You will need other ancillary drugs to combat other sides.


If your E2 levels do happen to spike, you might see some acne (which you will get a little anyway, no big deal), increased water retention, sleep issues, mood swings and chance of Gynecomastia–breast tissue growth. That one is easy to avoid, if you grow male breasts, you aren’t doing things right.

Knock your E2 down too low (from too much AI) and you will feel like walking death.

The key here…is balance. Managing your E2, not eliminating it. Other than a quick 8 week pyramid cycle…you will need an AI. Start with a low dose. 12.5 mg every other day is a good starting point for most. So…you will need about 2 tabs a week…do the math. Say, a 12 week cycle…you will need about 24 tabs. Invest in a pill cutter!!

Seems like a lot ? Not really, but if you want to play…you gotta pay.

Now there’s 2 ways you can do this…if you want to waste your time and your gains, then …
Blow through this cycle half ass, don’t eat more, skip the gym, and drink a daily 6 plus pack of beer.

If you want to make this count and keep some gains…EAT, hit the gym 4-6 days a week, sleep/rest. If you are not fat (which you shouldn’t be doing a steroid cycle if you are!!!)…then I can’t stress enough, you have to EAT EAT EAT. You must eat more than you are right now. Figure out your daily calorie maintenance level…and add at least 200 calories a day…then more if need be…and more.

If you do carry SOME body fat, you are going to need to eat clean. But you still must EAT! (Ideally, you should be under 10 percent body fat to show your best results)

The more body fat you can burn BEFORE your steroid cycle, the better you will look during and after your cycle…period.

If you don’t EAT EAT EAT, you are going to LOSE LOSE LOSE your gains. When your steroid cycle is over, all the blood, water and glycogen will leave the muscle tissue and you will go flat…because you didn’t feed that muscle food to grow, after killing it in the gym.

When your cycle ends, you will need to do a proper PCT post cycle therapy (unless you are on TRT)…but this can be blown out of proportion too…some people take way too much shit and drag it all out too long. Do your research…I’ll have a post about this eventually, for now…research or email me.

After 10-14 weeks off, hit another steroid cycle. Work hard, EAT, sleep.
You will lose some of what you gain each time…but you still end up with more than what you had in the beginning and each time after that…if you do the right things.

This is a lifestyle change…it’s not “I’ll hit a cycle or 2 and just coast through life with my new Greek physique”….doesn’t work that way.
It is a fun time while on a neck-breaking cycle…feeling good, looking GREAT…but you must continue to work out and eat…on cycle AND off  your steroid cycle.

If you are in your late 30’s and up…be safe. Get your blood work done AT LEAST a few weeks after your cycle is over…before you start another.
If your levels are low already…you will have a harder time recovering to your natural testosterone levels. TRT would be a consideration.

In fact, the older you get…going on a steroid cycle is the only way you are going to see serious gains. Your natural levels decline fast and are too low to sustain the abuse and healing needed, to get jacked.

Most of what you have heard is bullshit. ALL side effects are manageable. Let’s also dispel some bullshit myths about AAS, as there are not many other drugs that have as much misinformation as steroids do.

They do not shrink your penis…in fact if anything it’s engorged with more blood and oxygen.

They can however shrink your testicles…ever take a cold shower, your nuts scream and hide up closer to the body for warmth…no big deal, they drop as soon as you warm up. Same thing, as one supplies the body with synthetic testosterone, your body stops producing it causing your testicles to go sit on the bench for a while. As soon as AAS are discontinued, they drop right back down.

AAS do not cause “Roid Rage”…they amplify personality characteristics. If you are already an asshole, you will become a bigger asshole while on cycle.

AAS do not cause prostate cancer. Evidence has shown that higher levels of testosterone do not cause prostate cancer…period. Plenty of doctors will lead you to believe otherwise. In fact, do some legitimate research on having LOW levels of testosterone.

AAS do not cause you to go bald, however if you are predisposed to genetic baldness…they can speed up the process.

Again, this is for a basic testosterone cycle only, maybe test and Dbol combined, possibly a few others…but you start stacking different compounds and you will need to do your research or shoot us an email and we will give our thoughts.

After you’re done plowing that new found tang those gains set you up with, stay tuned in for more major lifestyle improvements.


I’ll be happy to answer any theoretical questions you may have. However, this is not medical advice. Find a qualified healthcare practitioner for medical advice. Specific questions about YOUR situation will not be answered by me. Answering such questions would be illegal and unethical. I have been in this game off and on for several years, but I am not a doctor.

DISCLAIMER:  Synthetic Slave does not condone nor promote the use of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids. The information in this article is provided solely for the purpose of fostering a clearer understanding through education, allowing readers to make informed and responsible decisions. No liability will be assumed for the use of the information in this article and/or any other postings on this site.


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