January 7, 2017

Swimming Therapy

Swimming Therapy & How it Can Help you Heal

Swimming therapy is an extremely effective form of rehabilitation. Read Our Post-Injury Survival Guide for More Information.

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Swimming therapy is an excellent resource for rehabilitation. All the way from nagging little injuries, elbow and knee aches to complete bone and joint injuries. Water therapy has many physical and mental health benefits for all ages. It is a low impact exercise in a cool, calm environment. Swimming rehabilitation, it could be right for you if other options have failed. Check out this link for a detailed explanation of Aquatic Therapy.

Exercising in water relieves the weight of your body to almost ninety percent buoyancy. This eases the stress on your joints. Swimming Therapy will also improve your flexibility, circulation, strength and lung capacity.  The nature of water heals joints and bones in several ways.

Side note: There’s a TON of benefits to swimming therapy, weight loss being one of them. Try out some water exercises for weight loss.

Water resistance builds muscle strength and offers ease of movement while reducing pain. The water buoyancy reduces impact and stress while exercising. While supporting injured muscles and joints, the weight of the water  also presses in on the injured area to help reduce swelling and improves motion.

Swimming Therapy for Back Pain

With back pain being a common issue, swimming works the back muscles in a consistent, rhythmic motion that doesn’t add wear and tear stress. It’s a low impact movement that slowly adds strength and conditioning to the area. While the water suspends you in an almost weightlessness zone, the weight of the water supports the injury during resisted movements.

Swimming in general is a great form of exercise for people that don’t want to go the gym route. It’s also perfect for seniors who want a low impact way to exercise. Pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, best exercise there is. If you play around under the water, your lung capacity will improve almost as fast as running can. If you live along a coast with semi to clear water, freediving and snorkeling are great fun. It’s almost another world underwater, especially if there is marine life to see. States with freshwater springs are great for freediving and snorkeling too.

With all the benefits of swimming therapy, go get your swimsuit and a towel!!

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