November 11, 2016

Synthetic Slave-About Us

We are Synthetic Slave. We’re just a couple of bros that are tired of the misdirection of affiliate marketers. Our goal is to give the most accurate, up to date and unbiased information that we can. However, we are bros with jobs, so from time to time it is possible we leave something out. We may be proven wrong on occasion by another bro. If a post seems biased, comment on it. Call us out. Our goal is to stay relevant and to stay accurate, leaving our ego at the door.

We believe there is a better way, a healthier choice, a wiser path. You are welcome to comment…email…participate. Challenge us if you feel there is a different way…another option…a healthier choice. We also aim to stay humble, and in doing so, remain teachable. So teach us something!

Today’s world is now driven by greed and is filled with misdirection, misfortune and misunderstanding. Without going full Snowden, we would like to enlighten you, engage you, and help blow the whistle on some bullshit. We’ve got some killer content on the horizon so stay tuned. Welcome to OUR world…SYNTHETIC SLAVE.

A By Bros For Bros Production

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