September 29, 2015

Every Man Needs To Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Every man needs to consider testosterone replacement therapy…the new health craze? Although full of misinformation, this subject is important to your health. In case you are not sure of the real benefits, here’s a quick rundown of the pros :

1. You will look better
2. You will feel better
3. You will fuck better
4. You will sleep better
5. You will train better
6. And you will recover faster

Hypogonadism-failure of the gonads to function properly. {testes in men, ovaries in women}
Very common…more than 3 million US cases per year–per the Mayo Clinic. Most men do not realize how important a balanced endocrine system is, this is what produces and regulates the bodies hormones.

If you are in your mid to late 30’s or older….you are most likely a slave to three or more of these symptoms…
Decreased sex drive
Erectile dysfunction {less rigid tool}
Decreased morning wood {erections}
Decreased mood/mood swings
Decreased mental sharpness
Decreased energy, strength, endurance
Decrease in muscle mass/major muscle atrophy from 40 to 46 yrs old was the case for me.
Increased body fat
Trouble sleeping/frequent wake ups/no REM–bad news
Moderate depression and irritability

The fact is gentlemen, environmental toxins have taken a toll on your tool and his two sidekicks. That is why your grandfather, at his age now, has the same test level that you do.

He ate good clean chicken eggs, the chicken he ate wasn’t full of residual hormones and other crap, he drank clean water, he could chop wood with an axe all day and fuck all night…get up and do it again, every damn day. He was a MAN…look around you at today’s “men”.

It is because your hormones are mixed up and messed up…you have too little of the MAN hormone and too much of the WOMAN hormone. If you are a daily beer drinker and don’t exercise, your troubles could be two-fold. If you are not sure about things, go and have a hormone panel done…you will be surprised.

Every man needs to consider testosterone replacement therapy.

Sure, there are a few diet tricks to raise your level a few notches, exercise will do the same…possibly a fine dime with big tits and a hot ass will take you out of your own misery. Maybe even a new sports car for well-being. All of these pale in comparison to a healthy shot of testosterone in the ass once a week, getting your t-level towards the top of your range.

OK, now that we have gotten the reality of this out of the way, here’s the problem with getting treatment from a competent doctor…it will be very difficult finding one.

First, let’s get educated on the common mistakes that most doctors make.

The dosing protocol will be around 100mg every two weeks. You will be on a roller coaster you won’t enjoy. After an injection, your blood levels will peak around day 2-3…after day 4-5 they start falling fast, and are gone by day 9 or 10. You will then feel like a bag of shit during your second week. Injections every 5 to 6 days are perfect and will keep you feeling right.

The needles they give you are too large, causing major scar tissue build up over time. A 25 gauge one to one and a half inch needle will do fine.

They will prescribe you injections every two weeks to a month. (a month, my goodness…fire this doctor for sure!!) This proves their misunderstanding or lack of interest in the half lives of different esters and peak blood levels.

Usually the scale ranges from about 348 to 1100…now, that is one wide range to be in. The scale is not age adjusted, so you could be a 35 year old with a level at 300-400…and told “you are fine, within range.” That’s a good number…for an elderly man.

Many doctors will refuse to treat you if you fall within this “range”.

If so, what can you can do to get around this ? You can take charge of your own health (which you should do anyway!!) Start off by ordering your own blood work. Go to Private MD Labs and order the Male Hormone profile.
(You can also order the Female Hormone profile…it‘s cheaper, there is a check box for a Male reading on this profile)

Then go to a local lab from their list (closest to you) and get your blood drawn. This will cost you around $50, paid when you order your panel…you pay nothing more at your local lab.

The Female profile (for males) will give you this info:
Estradiol, Serum
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Testosterone, Serum
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

This will give you your total testosterone level (if your total is low…then your free is low, you will learn more about this later by digging around my site)…this will also give you your Estradiol (E2)…your estrogen level.

If you can not find a competent doctor to prescribe you weekly injections…then research and find an online source for your testosterone cypionate, enanthate or propionate. (the 3 you want to choose from) There are legit online sources, but you have to do your research. (Keeping in mind that AAS are illegal in some countries without a prescription from a doctor)

How do you feel while on TRT ? (Quoted from Victor Pride)…“In a word–Great…in two words–Fuckin Great“. Ever heard of the MMA fighter Randy Couture ? Admitted TRT user…take a look at Sly Stallone at 69 years old…TRT, plus some. Google Dr. Life, check out his physic.

I’m not going to get into all the bullshit myths you’ve heard about steroids, TRT, etc. I will leave you with this info though…from a legit source.
Brinkzone-TRT Facts

The facts are out there, but you have plenty of crap to sift through before finding them. By the way, test boosters, Androgel, pellets and other methods of delivery are NOT the way to go.

Test boosters are crap, an enhanced multi-vitamin at best…don’t fall for it. The gels, patches and pellets are not consistent and are not as effective as injections.

Not only are you at risk of a whole host of bad side effects, you are also at risk of a whole host of diseases from low test levels and high E2 levels…this is a fact. Take charge of your health. Get your blood work done through your physician or do it yourself as described above.

Learn to read your blood work, if you do not know how…research it, email me and I’ll explain it…just do it. There is no logical reason to live with the terrible side effects listed above…and no reason to NOT gain the benefits listed above. Every man needs to consider testosterone replacement therapy.

I am going to leave you with a bonus!! This is THE TRT bible right here. The most legit info you will ever have is this book and the knowledge of it’s authors. Buy a copy for your doctor too. Find it on amazon.
“The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: Your Blueprint for Body, Mind and Life Optimization”
In fact, this website is a great place to educate yourself (and your wife/girl) on hormone therapy. Jay is great, he has given me great advice and is a great coach for a fair price…it is your life after all.

I’ll be happy to answer any theoretical questions you may have. However, this is not medical advice. Find a qualified healthcare practitioner for medical advice. Specific questions about YOUR situation will not be answered by me. Answering such questions would be illegal and unethical. I have been in this game off and on for several years, but I am not a doctor.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is provided solely for the purpose of fostering a clearer understanding through education, allowing readers to make informed and responsible decisions. No liability will be assumed for the use of the information in this article and/or any other postings on this site.



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