September 15, 2016

Testosterone Boosters-Trick or Treat

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Testosterone Boosters-Trick or Treat ?

The treat is, the allure of an easy way. A way that is “natural”, “drug free”. Why risk all the mythical issues of synthetic testosterone (TRT), performance enhancing drugs (steroids). Why inject a needle full of testosterone when we can drop $48.95 on a bottle of all natural capsules.

The trick is, testosterone boosters do little to raise your levels. Even with overwhelming information out there that claim otherwise, these enhanced multi-vitamins are nothing more than a play on a new health craze called Low-T. There’s a reason they are side effect free…because they do little to nothing to manipulate any of your hormones…namely testosterone. Some are even sold as male enhancement pills and ED treatments.

Testosterone boosters-trick or treat. There is little to no research done on the ingredients in test boosters. Most of the ingredients don’t raise test levels at all. Some make you feel a little peppy and increase your libido a bit, but do nothing for your testosterone level. Some of these magic potions even claim to build new muscle mass. Testosterone boosters will not increase muscle mass…period. With REAL SYNTHETIC TESTOSTERONE (steroids), changes in body composition start around the 200mg per week mark.

The claim that these test boosters are equal to real synthetic testosterone for building muscle mass, is ridiculous. Testosterone boosters would have to pack the punch of injecting at least 200mg per week of synthetic testosterone to actually aid in building muscle mass.

Save Your Money – Eat Right – Exercise

You would do better saving your money, eating right and working out. But after the age of 30 when natural test levels gradually start to decline, your body will only be able to support a limited amount of abuse. Injuries occur easier, recovery is slower, motivation declines…and we write it all off to “just getting older”.

Here’s a little Hollywood secret…every time you see a new movie with an actor/actress that looks incredibly fit or “bigger” than they were in past movies, they got that way with HGH and steroids. Of course most famous actors aren’t going to admit this fact because the American public would be shocked.

Do you really think Sylvester Stallone uses testosterone boosters ? Do you think Thor and the Wolverine are just popping test boosters and hitting the gym ? Do you really believe Angela Bassett was on test boosters in What’s Love Got To Do With It ? The Rock Dwayne Johnson ? Nope…all synthetically jacked!!

Almost every actor/actress uses PED’s to enhance their physiques for certain films. Most are also on TRT/HRT. Common sense and a little knowledge on steroids and how the body works, together and separately, tells the tale.

What’s In It

test booster capsules-testosterone boosters-trick or treat

Let’s go over a list of common ingredients in testosterone boosters, and what they do.

Tribulus terrestris – this is the number one ingredient in most boosters…even though not confirmed, it is known to have libido enhancing qualities and early evidence suggests that it has anti-stress effects. Studies done in sports performance shows it certainly does nothing for raising testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid – a form of an amino acid…it works in the central brain region where it causes a release of certain hormones. It also can build up in the testicles where it may lead to a temporary and minor testosterone increase.

Zinc and Magnesium – these are the two main ingredients in the ZMA formula’s that are heavily pitched towards athletes. Although they may help bring deficient levels up to normal, they WILL NOT raise them above baseline level.

Maca – a non-hormonal libido enhancer, has also been shown to suppress prostate hypertrophy. Will not increase testosterone levels.

Vitamin D – a lot of misinformation on vitamin D…it is not a good way to supplement for a vitamin D deficiency, this is going to be another future post in itself. It does NOT raise test levels above baseline.

These are some of the ingredients you will find in “legit” testosterone boosters…none of them (or others not listed) increase testosterone levels, especially above the normal baseline mark.

The good news is that if you want to increase your testosterone levels and maybe even build some lean muscle mass, there is a way .

If you want to stay natural, you will have to have been born in the mountains…never have had fast food, boxed or frozen meals, soda…in other words, no one is really natural anymore. We have all been assaulted by environmental toxins. The only way to really raise your testosterone level with all the benefits, is TRT with synthetic testosterone injections every 4-5 days. There is no magic pill.

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